25 May 2009

memorial day

God bless those who've made the ultimate sacrifice this Memorial Day. You have my eternal gratitude and respect.
ISO 200, f/5.0, 1/60s


Prospero said...

Interesting perspective. Powerful image.

Prospero said...

I had a look at your 2008 output.

Here are the photos that struck me:

- skating: 31 December 2008
- Millennium Park: 30 December
- 1st and 3rd: 30 November
- 3rd: 11 November
- 1st and 3rd: 20 November
- mirrored weekend, 1st: 21 August
- Gandhi, 1st: 30 July
- boulders near boulders, 1st
(one of my favorites): No date
- Clouds... 1st and second: 13 July
- views from ..., 1st: 30 June
- a block and a half away: 19 June
- sit they sit, 1st: 17 April
- twitterpated trees, 2nd: 30 March

Are we generally in agreement, or do you have other favorites?

Mr. J said...

Good shots all of them. Funny thing is all of those were taken with a point and shoot digital. I got my SLR in the middle of January this year.