31 December 2010

empty cafe table

As we wandered in Florida, we stumbled upon a small whole foods market. We were lured in by the promise of hot coffee. We stayed for the bulk dates & the interesting proprietor.
(ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/250s)

30 December 2010


As I wandered in the cold air, I discovered this outdoor seating area in Freedom Park. With the perfect skies, I knew I'd have some contrast even if I decided to convert to black and white later. I think this shot turned out just the way I wanted it to. Thoughts?
(ISO 100, f/9.0, 1/30s)

29 December 2010

iwo jima

On the last day of school before winter break, I got home pretty early. I decided to head to Rosslyn with my camera, walk around, then surprise my wife by picking her up at work. In a bout of photographic karma, I was blessed with some spectacular clouds on a chilly afternoon.
(ISO  100, f/10.0, 1/80s)

21 December 2010

inspired by warhol

In October, when I went to the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, I was inspired to take some pop art inspired shots. On the camera-verboten floors, a few of his paintings made me think, "I can photograph in that style." It sure took me long enough, but here's my attempt at pop art via photography. The tint was added in post. I don't have color gels...yet.
(ISO 100, f/36.0, 14.0s)

17 December 2010

friday update

My first attempted sales were a flop. You may recall I took 12 prints to an art consignment shop nearby in September. None of them sold. I'm going on a different tack now. A coworker and her husband own a wine bar in Vienna called Church Street Cellars. I recently handed over four of those framed prints to decorate their restaurant. If you'd like to check out what's there, head over there. Even if you're not looking to buy, their vittles and vino are quite delicious. It really is a great space! If you can't make it there, click on the tag "Church Street Cellars" below to see the photos I selected. Cheers!

(ISO 100, f/5.0, 1/640s)

UPDATE: One of the photos sold before it even made it onto the wall at Church Street. Very excited!

15 December 2010

the clouds roll in

It wasn't too long in the day before the sun dipped below the ridge line, and the clouds rolled in. It was not a particularly warm afternoon on the boulders. The friction was spectacular. Sending temps. I desaturated this final shot of the trio to give the cool, grey mood of the later afternoon. Which of the three do you prefer?
(ISO 100, f/22.0, 1/6s)

with time to caption

I spent Saturday playing amongst the boulders of Northwest Branch, a tributary that eventually winds into the Anacostia River. One only needs to visit this fallen gem in the summer to figure out why the water quality of the Anacostia is so dismal. According to a sign at the trailhead, it was once a favorite urban escape of Teddy Roosevelt during his presidency. It's hard to tell these days with the stench of runoff & graffiti on many rock faces.
(ISO 100, f/22.0, 1/3s)

12 December 2010

bass thumping

The night before the show, the bass player got karate chopped by her brother. She fell and broke her wrist. She was still able to pound on the strings & belt out the tunes. Tough fifth grader!
(ISO 1600, f/1.8, 1/20s)