31 January 2011


I've often ridden by the caboose at Bluemont Junction on the Washington & Old Dominion Trail. This fall, I resolved to visit it in the winter. I remembered.
(ISO 100, f/7.1, 1/100s)

30 January 2011

we're gonna need a bigger boat

I tried my hand at framing Georgetown's iconic spire in the arches of the Key Bridge. Unfortunately, I just couldn't get the right perspective. I think I need a kayak or canoe to accomplish it. The way the Potomac looks, I doubt it will be anytime soon.
(ISO 200, f/11.0, 1/100s)

29 January 2011

exit through the gift shop

After watching Banksy's documentary about graffiti, she made a comment about the lack of street art in D.C. I ventured a guess that it'd be hard to get away with for one, and two, people might actually respect historic buildings around here. That theory is lost on lame street taggers though.

(ISO 100, f/3.5, 1/160s)

28 January 2011

keyed up

When I first got my Nikon, I took it for a walk in the city on a snow day. I somehow found myself in Georgetown, staring at the Key Bridge as sleet began to fall with a mile to walk either direction to a Metro station. I clumsily took a few haphazard shots and wound up with one of the best shots I've taken since moving to D.C. This time around, I had far more knowledge. Compare the two. Which do you like better?
(ISO 200, f/11.0, 1/125s)

27 January 2011

cell phone photography

Several months ago, I tried to upgrade my cell phone to one that wasn't falling apart at the seams. The one I found turned out to be a camera with a cell phone glommed onto it. It did neither job well. So, I returned it for a phone that was more phone and less portmanteau. It turned out to have some cool photo features, including a night vision setting. Without my camera yet again, I spotted a power line sparking in tonight's snow storm that was causing the lights in an adjacent church to surge as if someone was messing with the dimmer. Reminds me a bit of the blizzard shots in Charlie Chaplin's Gold Rush.

(ISO yeah right, f/who knows, 1/nth)

26 January 2011

ho hum

I'm not nearly as driven to take shots, process, and post them lately. Since school began anew in September, I've taken my Nikon out for a walk rarely. When I do, I've been having trouble with the motivation aspect of my craft. I'm not seeing things like I used to, or sadly when I do, my camera is nowhere nearby. I think I need a change of pace. Inspired by Todd Metcalfe's Android-powered month of black and whites and Scott Bulger's awesome black and white work, I am challenging myself with something retro new.

I went to Dominion Camera in Falls Church and bought two rolls of black and white film for my Canon AE-1. With tonight's predicted snow, I have the opportunity to carefully craft some shots. I'll share them when they're done. Cheers!

(ISO 800, f/1.8, 1/50s)

19 January 2011

belated christmas cookies

After the annual cookie swap, she was disappointed that no one made these classics. The only logical thing to do then is make them and not share them with anyone. WIN.
(ISO 800, f/1.8, 1/160s)

18 January 2011

long overdue

New year, old picture. This one and possibly another from our trip to Florida for Christmas. Pop's been watching a lot of Food Network lately. The salad he concocted for Christmas dinner was great and unlike any salad or slaw I've had before: fennel slaw with prosciutto & pistachio pesto. You must try it!
(ISO 1600, f/5.6, 1/5s)

02 January 2011

alligator mississippiensis

It was a long season for my beloved Florida Gators. The defense ensured a victory for Urban Meyer in his final game as head coach. I am hopeful for a longer tenure for Will Muschamp. Something on the order of Joe Paterno's legacy would be really nice, but I don't think that's real likely.
(ISO 200, f/5.6, 1/125s)

01 January 2011

happy new year

May you be blessed with strength & optimism for the coming year.
(ISO 100, f/16.0, 1/100s)