26 January 2011

ho hum

I'm not nearly as driven to take shots, process, and post them lately. Since school began anew in September, I've taken my Nikon out for a walk rarely. When I do, I've been having trouble with the motivation aspect of my craft. I'm not seeing things like I used to, or sadly when I do, my camera is nowhere nearby. I think I need a change of pace. Inspired by Todd Metcalfe's Android-powered month of black and whites and Scott Bulger's awesome black and white work, I am challenging myself with something retro new.

I went to Dominion Camera in Falls Church and bought two rolls of black and white film for my Canon AE-1. With tonight's predicted snow, I have the opportunity to carefully craft some shots. I'll share them when they're done. Cheers!

(ISO 800, f/1.8, 1/50s)


Jack said...

I haven't been very good about getting my camera out lately either. This time of year, when it is dark driving both to and home from work, it doesn't leave much time for photography. But the days are getting longer and soon spring will be here!

Luis Gomez said...

I will be glad to see your work. I hope the muses come to you.

Mr. J said...

As I try to load the film, I find a dead battery. No film today. Perhaps tomorrow!