21 December 2010

inspired by warhol

In October, when I went to the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, I was inspired to take some pop art inspired shots. On the camera-verboten floors, a few of his paintings made me think, "I can photograph in that style." It sure took me long enough, but here's my attempt at pop art via photography. The tint was added in post. I don't have color gels...yet.
(ISO 100, f/36.0, 14.0s)


Luis Gomez said...

Yes, they do remind me Warhol's work. In the image I would have played a little bit with blacks and sharpening after the red tint. Just trying to bring the blades out.

Mr. J said...

That sort of post is beyond my abilities for now. I'm only working with Picasa for the time being. I'll teach myself how to use Lightroom in the summer when I have free time.