09 June 2009

dress whites

Groomsmen joking before the wedding? (ISO 100, f/9, 1/60s)


Unseen Rajasthan said...

The Navy Guys Really Look Cool In Their Uniform..Great Captured..

Prospero said...

Great photo. Has drama. The dress whites are beautifully depicted in a colorless frame. The lighting is harsh and yet perfectly catches the sense of normalcy and surprisingly candid minutiae of a social gathering.

Prospero said...

How did I get the Diminuendo color? Using an Agave plant.

Here are a few things about the shot. The diminuendo markings (like a greater than sign ">") are formed by a garden hose. The pink backdrop is a cement walkway (and it isn't normally pink!).

I have a large Agave plant (Agave attenuata). It has large, pale green leaves. I used this color to set a custom white balance on my camera.

That's how I got the colors.

It's the same thing I did with the House photo in the Buildings Challenge next to your shot. Have a look at the color of the sky. I'll be pulling the shot since I'm a little out of favor there.