26 November 2010

follow friday, vol. 1

In the nearly two years since I started posting on this blog, I've likely read thousands of articles and blog posts related to photography. The ones I've chosen to subscribe to are those that have distinct style. Those who help me by exhibiting great work and inspiring me to see the world's beauty in a different way. To do so, I'm bringing a Twitter concept to the verbose blog: Follow Friday. When I sporadically share these others, I encourage you to check out their work. If you're a fan of mine, it's likely you'll see something you like in theirs.

For the first edition, I wavered between blogs that I discovered early on or those that have encouraged me along the way. In the time it took to write that last sentence, I settled on the latter.

National Basilica, Washington, D.C. Photo by Luis Gomez
Luis Gomez is a D.C. photographer who shoots and posts daily. He sees the District with a creative eye. Since I found his blog, he rarely fails to comment on my posts here. I appreciate his words as much as seeing the world through his lens. Check out his work at One Photograph a Day.

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Luis Gomez said...

Once again, thank you so much. Hope you an your family had a nice Thanksgiving.