25 April 2011

[insert gasp here]

At least that was her reaction to this shot. More depth of field needed?

(ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/160s)


Luis Gomez said...

Nice shot and probably yes, just a bit more.

Jack said...

Nice, i usually try several different aperature settings with each shot that way I have several different depths of field options to choose from. Of course if you go too wide, you have the problem of your shutter speed getting too slow, especially outdoors when even on a tri-pod, the slightest breeze will mess up your focus!

Mr. J said...

I wasn't expecting to get many great flower shots standing on a sidewalk in Hoboken, New Jersey, but here this flower sat. All I had on me was my kit lens zoomed out to 55mm. Looking at the exposure triangle after the fact, I certainly had a stop or three to play with to increase the DOF. Oh, well. Still learning!