28 February 2012

lightroom lessons

All my photographer friends have been telling me since I first bought my D60 that I should be shooting in RAW. It took the Lightroom 4 Beta for me to finally make that leap. Now all I need is some memory because I foresee my hard drive filling up much faster!
(ISO 800, f/7.1, 1/320s)

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Luis Gomez said...

Yes, that will happen when shooting RAW. Also one starts to be more careful in the editing.(Keep less images tahn necessary). Love how you got the flags here. This has always been a difficult building for me to photograph. I am never pleased with the results. Good to see your work. Again if you need any advise with Lightroom happy to help, although the Beta4 has some new cool stuff that is better than 3. I have been playing with it as well.