20 July 2009

on the tracks

We missed the turnoff for the cliff line and wound up near the water's edge instead. It was mighty foggy and pea soup humid.
(ISO 400, f/14.0, 1/13s)


~Christina~ said...

Well this is a great shot! Ive road around for hours looking for a shot of the local RR tracks and have not gotten one I just love yet. I really like this one. I took photos of a friend on the tracks last week. I will try to get some of those posted as soon as this round of chemo is done and I recover some what. Wish me luck in finding a shot this nice!

Mr. J said...

It was early in the morning and mighty foggy. We were nowhere near what could be considered a roadway. I desaturated it just a hair with Picasa, but that's the only digital tuning I did.