25 January 2010

la luna llena

My first attempt at photographing la bella luna. I've been told that I need to treat it as if I'm photographing the sun and adjust my settings as such. When I tried, all that remained in the shot was one lone dot with everything else in the frame black. This was shot with my 35mm prime; a longer focal length may be in order for starters. Any other thoughts?
(ISO 1600, f/2.8, 1/6s)


Luis Gomez said...

I like the shot. Although as the sun the moon can be a tricky subject.

~Christina~ said...

Ive not played around a lot with capturing the moon. I will tell you what I was told once: There is a moon 11 rule. ISO 100, f11 and adjust your shutter speed until the brightness is correct which depends on how full the moon is of course. I hope that can help you? Youre doing great as it is though.
I geuss a telephoto lens or converter would be great.