02 January 2010

lengthy exposure

Long exposure on moving water always looks good. This may make a great print someday.
(ISO 100, f/22.0, 1.0s)


Prospero said...

I just stopped by to wish you a happy and prosperous new year. I studied the zoom technique from your last post and found it quite useful. Thanks.

Jacob said...

It would make a great print today! Frame it and hang it!

Thanks much for stopping by Cedar Key DP.

And now that I've found your blog, I'll be checking in often!

Have a great new year!

Mr. J said...

Had I the wall space to do so, it would be. Thank you, Jacob. I look forward to seeing more of Cedar Key & Ocala. Perhaps a shot or two of my beloved Gainesville will show up too!

Prospero, you're welcome. I look forward to seeing what your eye does with zoom effect!

~Christina~ said...

I am just so beside myself with envy! I would love to see scenery like that!

Mr. J said...

Christina, you'd never believe this creek if you actually saw it. One of my favorite subjects now for sure, but it photographs much better than it truly is, if that makes sense.