11 February 2010

down pennsylvania avenue

From the perch of the Old Post Office tower, Capitol Hill seems small indeed.
(ISO 400, f/5.6, 1/800s, eV +0.33)


Luis Gomez said...

Nice view! I should check it out.

~Christina~ said...

Now how and where you are finding these great spots for shooting these, I do not know but you are doing a wonderful job!! Im so glad you are sharing your photos. Love this!

Mr. J said...

Luis, if you check out the tower, I took this shot and the one of the Washington Monument at 55mm. If you have a longer focal length, I'd recommend it. There's closely spaced wires obstructing the view from the top.

Christina, I think my dad told me about this building. Once, he was in town for a convention, and they'd rented the building. Great views of the city!