12 February 2010

an egyptian obelisk

Yes, that's right. The Washington Monument's design was influenced in part by the ancient Egyptians. Bet you didn't learn that from your third grade teacher! At 555 feet, it stands as the tallest structure in Washington D.C. From this perspective, it looks somewhat smaller.
(ISO 400, f/5.6, 1/1600s, eV +0.33)


Luis Gomez said...

Excellent shot of the Washington Monument. Very nice.

mmakis said...

It just looks so cold.

~Christina~ said...

Oh this is a great capture!!!!
Im so freaking jealous! I would love to visit the area.

Mr. J said...

It would seem cold, but after climbing the final 3 stories of stairs, I'd warmed up considerably, Makis.

Christina, if you ever do come visit, I'll give you a list of places to check out that are off the beaten path and quite photogenic.