13 August 2010

don't go chasing waterfalls

Inspired by fellow photograblogger SCJack, I convinced my better half to go for a walk in the woods at Great Falls last weekend. We'd been to the Virginia side before and hiked around on the Maryland side, but I'd never been satisfied with any photographs I took. This time, I was armed with a tripod that I left in the car and a stacked set of filters to slow down my shutter speed in the bright afternoon sun. As usual, it was a mob scene, but we managed to find a secluded trail before braving the crowds on the overlook boardwalk. I managed a few good ones that I'll post in the coming few days.
(ISO 100, f/13.0, 1/5s, 0.6 ND filter, polarizing filter)


Luis Gomez said...

Looks good!

Prospero said...

Water, now a gaseous cloud of imagination.