11 July 2011

a week late

As usual, I find myself with much to strive toward in capturing the beauty of fireworks. Perhaps it's because I like them so much that I find my photos don't do them justice. Or maybe it's because I see such great shots by Luis Gomez & Foggy Dew that gives me motivation to improve my own next year!

(ISO ???, f/9.0, 4.0s, 55mm)


FoggyDew said...

We're always our own toughest critic, but this is a pretty good shot. I think I posted four our of more than 300 pictures...so there are a lot of "bad" ones taking up space on my external drive. I think I mentioned it in my post, but ISO 100, f/8 @ 1.6 seconds has always served me well.

Mr. J said...

I think I'm tougher than you. At least you kept your 300 photos. This is one of maybe four that remain from that night. I'm sure that I took more last year. Next year, I'll try to remember to shoot some with those settings. I think my biggest issue is that I'm aiming (no pun intended) for proper exposure when fireworks tend to screw that up.